TreasureEase Pricing and Payment Policy is the property of Solid Webware, LLC



Pricing Summary:


Credit or Debit Card


21 Day Trial Period



Monthly Recurring Subscription


Not available

Quarterly Recurring Subscription


Not available

Quarterly Prepay (Non-Recurring)



Yearly Prepay (Non-Recurring)



NOTE: The fee for using is automatically distributed to the members of your team or club as an expense within the TreasureEase software.  This means that the members of your club or team pay for TreasureEase!

NOTE: For Check-by-Mail subscribers, automatic account statements will be emailed to the address included in the registration / account on or close to the last day of the billing cycle ONLY IF the account holder has not logged into fourteen (14) days prior the last day of the billing cycle.


General Pricing Terms:

  • As the Treasurer, you are responsible for collecting the TreasureEase subscription fee (or the portion distributed to each member) from the members of your team or group. At your discretion you may choose to pay for the TreasureEase subscription yourself without collecting the subscriptions fees from your members.
  • As the treasurer, you are also responsible for paying for your TreasureEase Subscription, which is required to keep your subscription active.
  • Access to requires pre-payment.  Payments made grant you access to for the subsequent billing cycle.
  • Payments are not refundable, in whole or in part (pro-rated), for any reason including, but not limited to, cancellation of your registration / account (refer to Terms of Service).
  • Your billing cycle is monthly, quarterly or annually on the day of the month that your registration/account was created, your billing cycle ends and the date that your next payment is due.


Modifications to Pricing:

  • Prices subject to change.  Solid Webware, LLC reserves the right to change pricing for access and use of subject to a notification period of not less than 30 days.  Such notice will be provided by prominently displaying the updated pricing information on
  • Price changes will be effective with the billing cycle that begins after the 30 day notice expires.


Credit / Debit Card Subscribers:

  • Credit card and debit card payments for access to will be transacted automatically by Solid Webware, LLC, or an agent thereof: (a) monthly or quarterly, based on your subscription selection; (b) in accordance with the charge card agreement (refer to Charge Card Agreement).
  • A discount for the first 3 months of service may be applied to credit / debit card subscribers.  Please refer to the Pricing Summary for pricing.


Check-by-Mail Subscribers:

  • Check-by-Mail billing cycle is 3 months (quarterly or annually) based on your billing cycle date.
  • Checks received for the next quarter billing will be deposited upon receipt, even if this is prior to the completion of the current billing cycle (prior to the start of the next billing cycle).  If the check is received prior the beginning of the next billing cycle and your registration / account is terminated prior the next billing cycle NO refund will be issued (refer to General Pricing Terms).
  • Payment is expected prior to the start of your next billing cycle.  However, a fourteen (14) day grace period is granted for Check-by-Mail subscribers.


Charge Card Agreement:

By providing your credit or debit card information, or having such information provided on your behalf, you represent that you are authorized to request transactions using the information provided.  You authorize and agree to make any required payments for access to on a timely basis.  You authorize Solid Webware, LLC, or agent thereof, to: (a) submit transactions using the credit or debit card information provided; (b) submit automatic recurring transactions, including those on a monthly basis; (c) to obtain automatic updates for cards provided to Solid Webware, LLC or agent thereof.  Additional conditions and agreements may be required by PayPal.  Refer to for more information.



Should a registration / account expire due to non-payment, services provided by will limited to read-only of certain information or data.  Furthermore, additions, modifications, or deletions of account-holder created content, information, or data will be prevented by with the certain exceptions including, but not limited to, information needed to process payments and deletion of the registration / account.

Account Holder Initiated Suspension of Service:
The registration / account holder may choose to temporarily suspend services provided by for a period of time not to exceed 12 months. 


Cancellation Policy:

  • Your account may be cancelled by you or in accordance with the Term of Service, subject to the conditions described in the General Pricing Terms section of this policy. 
  • Any and all data associated with the registration / account and all account-holder generated content, information, or data remaining after the registration / account cancellation shall be retained by Solid Webware, LLC, or agent thereof, for a period of no less than 12 months following the cancellation of the registration / account.
  • Self-initiated cancellation can only be done by accessing  Mail, email, or phone requests for cancellation will not be honored and your account will not be cancelled.


21 Day Free Trial:

  • You can use TreasureEase for free for up to 21 days for free. When you decide to pay the subscription fee, your billing cycle begins from the purchase date and any unused trial period days are lost.