• We have streamlined the team treasury process. TreasureEase is broken into two main sections: Members and Expenses.


  • TreasureEase Dashboard
  • The DASHBOARD is an easy-to-read single-page summary of the treasury. It also provides access to the most commonly used treasury management functions.

Email Statements

  • Email account statements to all your members with the push of a button. The statement provides the member with information about their account within your treasury and also shows them how much they owe you.

Tablets and Smartphones!

  • Mobile Friendly DesignMobile Friendly Design
  • TreasureEase is built with tablets and smartphones in mind! Our responsive design ensures that the TreasureEase interface looks and functions great on all of your devices!


  • Helpful Guide
  • The TreasureEase innovative GUIDE ensures you always know what you need to do and how to do it!


  • Record fundraisers with ease! Money earned at a fundraiser is distributed into all or selected member accounts.

Expense Categories

  • Expense categories are customizable and optional. You can use them for grouping expenses for reporting purposes.

Balance Sheet

  • Balance Sheet
  • The balanced sheet contains the list of all transactions recorded in the team or group treasury. You sort or filter the transactions easily!

Change Treasurers

  • Change treasurers (within TreasureEase) at any time with ease. Of course, the current and new treasurer should examine the bank records to make sure everything is in order first.

Pause you TreasureEase subscription

  • You can pause your TreasureEase subscription at any time. This is beneficial for teams that have a break between, for example, spring and fall seasons. You may pause your account for any reason. All records will be retained and available to you as soon as you re-activate your account.